Aquarian Healing Courses

Aquarian Healing Teaching dates

Pending —-Teaching in Bunbury WA and Invercargill and Auckland when dates are confirmed.

For more course information contact:

Susan Edmonds 09 479 4554 (Auckland)

Robin Rodgers 021 834 953 (Christchurch)

or visit

"I was introduced to Aquarian Healing by my partner who had been very unwell and was being treated by Robin. I observed his treatments and also the positive impact that they had on his health, which made me very interested in learning this modality.

Within a year I completed 5 levels of Aquarian healing and the Diploma. Robin's training programme was very structured and included theory as well as lots of hands on practice and application of the teachings. The self-development, self-healing and self-awareness that I experienced through the courses was amazing and such a surprising benefit on top of the knowledge and skills developed during the courses. It was like being on a powerful healing retreat.

I have applied the modality to patients in my own health practice and my patients have also experienced immediate and profound benefits from my treatments.

Aquarian Healing can help with so many health conditions and learning Aquarian Healing is a gift of love you can give to yourself."

- Eva

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all the time, energy and interest you lavished on Lloyd and I when we took the whole of Aquarian Healing, from Module 1 to Diploma. It was a truly life changing experience for each of us and as a couple. We each came for our own reasons, largely physical, but came away changed for the better in every aspect of our lives: mental, physical, spiritual and emotional. The breath and depth of your knowledge continually amazed us and we were gratified that you were not only willing to share it but that you could communicate such a tremendous volume of information of such complexity and richness in a way we could understand and digest it.

Since we’ve been home and have started practicing and applying all this new, hard won knowledge we’ve been awed at the power of Aquarian Healing. It covers such an enormous range of modalities and approaches to healing. It’s amazing to watch each healing unfold and follow the path to healing; a different path for every individual. I’m constantly surprised by the unexpected. More importantly I'm amazing that it makes real changes in the lives of clients and myself.

What a gift…every day of learning was a true pleasure. I wouldn’t have missed this opportunity for anything. I look forward to the continued evolution of our relationships as teacher/student, fellow practitioners, and friends.

With Love and Light,"