Aquarian Slimness Attainable Program

Every fat person lives in something I like to call a fat-box. Fat boxes are made up of attitudes, beliefs, past abuses and old habits formed in childhood. These thoughts powerfully shape our bodies, our personalities, self image and self esteem. They can cause illness and the way we relate to food and life in general. It is easy to reach for a chocolate bar, cookies or a glass of wine to console ourselves. Sometimes, good intentions are sabotaged by cravings due to sugar imbalances. Candida overgrowths, parasites, metabolism breakdowns, comfort eating or just plain boredom. 

Therefore the issue is not whether a fat-box controls your weight, or a physical reason, but whether or not you will confront and break free A.S.A.P. will help provide you with the information you need to know to be forever thin and positive in all aspects of your life. The information in this brochure has worked for many weight- challenged individuals. It will work for you too!When one follows the A.S.A.P.  Program correctly everyone will loose weight. -The Homeopathic formula has been adapted from Dr Simeon’s HCG program in which HCG .was administered by injection. HCG is a naturally produced hormone and when this has been reset with the homeopathic spray and you religiously adhere to the allowable foods and fluids you will experience rapid weight loss. 

The homeopathic remedy will trigger the brain to increase/produce your own HCG which tells the body to burn fat and not your lean muscle tissue. The diet that you will eat is composed of lean meat, fruits and green vegetables. You are encouraged to drink as much water as possible as well as unsweetened herbal teas. You do not have to exercise so you do not need to worry about going for your daily walk or session at the gym. 

Of course exercise will help to keep you toned but excess exercise is not recommended.


  • HCG Homeopathic reduces hunger
  • Heavy exercise is discouraged
  • Buy only the required food
  • Easy meals for you to combine
  • with your family or cook at night for your lunch tomorrow.
  • See dramatic results in the first week
  • Re-shape and re-set your metabolism
  • No prescription necessary
  • Removes the build up of toxins
  • Increases skin elasticity
  • Suitable for everyone including diabetics

Losing and maintaining proper weight is important for good health and within the framework of the program of A.S.A.P. there is an appointment for you for an Aquarian Healing treatment. One of the features of this treatment is that you will be able to identify the priority emotion that is blocking your thought patterns regarding your weight problem. This emotion will be cleared from cellular memory of your body and this will help you to release your accumulated fat cells. Muscle testing will be used to ensure that your vitamins and minerals are optimal for your body and ensuring that your meridians are balanced and this will help you to optimise your body’s detox.

In combination with your healing treatment and the A.S.A.P. program you will soon emerge as the slim trim person that you have been searching for.

It provides a controlled three step weight program supported by Aquarian Wellness monitoring.

A key element of the program is the use of the homeopathic drops which ensures:

  • You never feel hungry.
  • Helps reset the hypothalamus so you loose the weight quickly and keep it off.
  • The program targets the trouble spots i.e. hips thighs and abdomen
  • The skin retracts naturally as weight is lost, resulting in few flabby folds